Läckö deal

Läckö deal

Enjoy the castle garden or join a guided tour of the fabulous Läckö Castle! There are many exciting adventures that are appreciated by children, such as history, secret passages and treasure hunts. The package also includes admission to the Vänern Museum in Lidköping. Here can you explore research, maritime history, exciting exhibitions and childishly fun adventures unite.

Choose to stay here at Lidköpings stadshotell or at one of our sibling hotels. Hotell Läckö or at Hotell Rådhuset.

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Can be booked from April 1 – September 30, 2021

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The package includes:
  • Overnight stay in double room, breakfast included
  • 2- course dinner
  • Entrance to Läckö Castle
  • Entrance to the Väner-museum
Price from 905  SEK/person