─ Conference & meetings


Meetings happen everywhere, at work, in the grocery store, at the gym, but some meetings need to be organized.
Book your next meeting in the cellar master and sit undisturbed in the heart of the hotel.

Let the inspiration and creativity flow and create interesting and cool future plans together with your team.

After many conversations and decisions, it may be desirable to enjoy a good lunch or dinner in the restaurant. Regardless of what you want, we make sure to create a complete solution according to what you specifically ask for.

Furniture: Board furniture for a total of 10 people

Technology: TV screen, notepad, pens and wireless broadband.

Equipment: WC, fridge

Read more about the restaurant’s current menu:

    You can also stay at our annex hotel, Hotel Läckö, which is about 20 meters from Stadshotellet.