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─ Weddings & parties

Days that are more important than others

At Stadshotellet we offer a unique and tailored wedding planning service with great enthusiasm, feeling and passion.

Based on your dreams, thoughts and ideas, we are available for the preparations for one of life’s most important and enjoyable moments. Whether you want a small and intimate wedding or an evening with all your friends and extended families, we have the premises to make your evening the most memorable possible.

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Planning and arranging a wedding party involves both big and small decisions. When you have made the decision to have your wedding with us, you can safely let go of all the concerns – we take over responsibility and implementation according to your wishes. Our experienced staff ensure that the evening follows the schedule we have drawn up together. They coordinate continuously with the toastmaster so that everyone involved knows what is required – when, where and how. The wedding day is your day and during it you should be able to enjoy each other and the presence of your friends.

We welcome and check in your guests, arrange transportation, make sure that the makeup artist and hairdresser are in place, book the live band or DJ. Our chef Olle runs the kitchen with his sous chef Genti, and our pastry chef Helen makes sure the tasty cake is ready. Of course, we also make sure that the bridal bouquet is delivered to the hotel.

We set the table, fold the linen napkins, arrange the flowers, put the champagne on ice and prepare a grand salute in the park outside. If you would like a late evening supper and brunch on the day after, we will be more than happy to arrange it for you.

All weddings and parties are unique. We look forward to hearing your wishes and ideas so that we can tailor a proposal exclusively for you.

You are most welcome to contact us for a personal meeting.