Sustainability at Stadshotellet

We want to be a hotel where our sustainability permeates all departments in the hotel.

The Hotel:

At the hotel, we work actively to attract our hotel guests to stay with us for more than one night. We do this mainly with digital marketing in our social media, on our website and with the help of newsletters. To reduce our paper consumption, we have chosen to use Digital Guest to communicate with our hotel guests. There, our guests receive all possible information that may be needed during a stay with us.

On our digital channels, we want to show our guests what an attractive destination Lidköping is. With the help of our digital marketing and together with our local partners, we can show what Lidköping has to offer and what environmentally friendly activities there are, such as playing golf, paddle, etc. We believe in a successful collaboration with Lidköping’s business.

Together with one of our partners, we have bicycles parked outside the hotel so that our guests can easily explore Lidköping without having to use the car.

We have chosen to retract cleaning the hotel rooms for guests who stay with us for a longer period, because we want to protect the environment. We also have a local laundry to reduce long car journeys several miles away.

The electricity we buy is renewable and environmentally certified. We use our energy as sparingly as possible and have therefore purchased energy-efficient lamps for both the hotel and the restaurant.

Barehogruppen AB, which among other things runs Stadshotellet, also owns a share in a wind farm that produces about 20 GWh (gigawatt hours) per year. The ownership part corresponds to a production that exceeds Barehogruppen AB with all subsidiaries’ total electricity consumption.

Source sorting is an obvious choice for us, as we sort everything from glass, plastic, metal, batteries, etc.


For us, it is important to think sustainably. We always work with raw materials according to the season and we primarily try to shop locally and we always take advantage of the entire raw material to counteract food waste. We use leftover à la carte for lunch, make broths or freeze them, all to increase the shelf life of the raw materials.


We first and foremost try to hire our employees locally or from nearby municipalities. Here we make sure that everyone feels good and comfortable at their workplace, the work environment is important to us.