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Book our hiking package and enjoy hiking in the unique nature of the Läckö Kinnekulle area.

Choose if you want a challenge or if you want to hike along the edge of the mountain with a fabulous view. Many of the trails have access to barbecue areas, shelters and water. Upon arrival you will receive a backpack filled with a good coffee bag & maps of the hiking trails. After a great day of hiking, relax in the sauna before enjoying a delicious 3-course dinner in the restaurant. An extraordinary hiking package

Hiking on Kinnekulle:

Kinnekulleleden offers a scenic hike that takes you on a journey into Sweden’s natural and cultural heritage. The trail is 45 kilometers long and is divided into 3 different stages. The hiking trail consists of forest roads and nature trails and is classified as moderately difficult.

Etapp Råbäcks station – Blomberg (11 kilometer)
Take the train from Lidköping Resecentrum, which is 200m from the hotel. The train stops at Råbäcks station, which is right next to the hiking trail. There are also parking spaces if you prefer to drive.

Etapp Kinnekullegården – Råbäcks station (14 kilometer)
Get off at Råbäcksstation or park your car at Kinnekullegården. There are shorter circular trails starting from the High Mountain area.

Etapp Blomberg – Kinnekullegården (20 kilometer)
You take the Kinnekullet train and stop at the train station in Blomberg. There are parking spaces right next to Kinnekullegården.

Hiking on Läckö:

Walk the trail at Läckö Castle, which has also been named one of Sweden’s most beautiful castles. The trail is of medium difficulty and is about 4 – 7 km long.

Roparudden 4km:

Roparudden is a hiking trail located directly at Läckö Castle that takes you to the tip of the island, Stora Eken. The trail is close to the lake and gives you a beautiful view of the archipelago and the castle. As you hike across the mountain slopes, there’s a chance you’ll see both sea eagles and ospreys.

Tranebergsleden 7 km:

The Traneberg Trail starts at Läckö Golf Club, which is 10 kilometers from Läckö Castle, on western Kållandsö. The trail has a varied terrain that offers beautiful nature experiences in the forest and by the lake. The trail is rich in wildlife and vegetation, so you can see various seabirds and wildlife in the forests.

Visit Hinden's Reef, 4 km:

Take a rowdy walk through winding forest paths, only to be met by cliffs and water. It is a fantastic feeling to stand far out in Lake Vänern.

It is said that Hinden’s Reef is a love bridge built by two giants from opposite sides of Lake Vänern, which was then destroyed by sea trolls. True or not, science tells us that Hinden’s reef was created during the Ice Age just over 10,000 years ago. Either way, Hinden’s Reef is a place worth visiting.


  • Wear good shoes as the trail has tricky rocky sections.
  • Check the weather forecast as water levels rise and fall according to the season and weather.
  • Take care of nature and pick up all your rubbish.

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